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Series 9500
Hyspan Barco Flexible Strut Joints
and Vibrasnubs

When used in tandem, Hyspan Barco “Ball Type” Flexible Strut Joints provide a rigid structural support capable of resisting high tensile and compressive loads while allowing lateral, angular and rotation movement. The precision ball and socket construction provides a maintenance free rigid connection to brace piping, pressure vessels, boilers, tanks and other process equipment.

Strut Joints combined with Hyspan Barco Vibrasnub hydraulic vibration snubbers form an assembly that absorbs tensile and compressive shock and vibration loads while allowing gradual movements such a thermal growth. Unlike comparable products, Vibrasnub vibration snubbers are totally self-contained with no external tubing or components providing a low maintenance compact design.

Catalog 3000B includes complete design information for flexible strut joints and Vibrasnubs including force, amplitude charts.

Flexible Strut & Vibrasnub

Catalog 3000B pdf 26 MB
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Vibrasnub/Strut Joint Assembly

Catalog Sections


Flexible Strut Joints Advantages & Available Sizes

Flexible Strut Joint Dimensional Data

Flexible Strut Joint Design & Engineering Notes, & Ordering Instructions

Flexible Strut Joint & Vibrasnub Engineering Applications

Vibrasnub Advantages & Engineering Data

Vibrasnub Features & Dimensional Data

Designing for Vibrasnub Snubbers

Force – Frequency – Amplitude Data

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