Hyspan de Mexico,S.A. de C.V.

Hyspan de Mexico was founded in 1998 as a Mexican corporation (Sociedad Anónima, Variable Capital) that operates under the maquiladora program. The plant is located in Tijuana, Mexico approximately ten miles from Hyspan's corporate office and manufacturing plant in Chula Vista, California. As a maquiladora the company can supply material within Mexico; however, most of the plants production is delivered to Chula Vista for distribution in the United States and other countries. As a maquiladora, the company enjoys duty free importation of raw material and export of finished goods. Accordingly the raw materials for Hyspan de Mexico production are imported from the United States.

The total production area is 48,050 square feet. Unlike many maquiladoras, the plant has complete manufacturing capability including plate burning, CNC turning and drilling, bellows and hose forming, GTAW welding, GMAW welding, electrical resistance welding, brazing, testing and cleaning. Some of the products manufactured by Hyspan de Mexico include:

Anaconda Vibration Eliminators
Hyspan Series 1500, 3500, 5500, 8500 & 9500 standard products
Turbocharger exhaust assemblies
Exhaust duct expansion joints
Medical bellows assemblies

The basic quality system of Hyspan de Mexico is ISO 9001. All GTAW and GMAW welding is performed in accordance with ASME Section IX. Non-destructive testing is performed by ASNT Level II inspectors. The facility is certified to 97/23/EC Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)Annex I, Section 4.3 - Bellows Manufacturer, and final assessment (Module A1) of Ball Joints.

Tube Welding

Hyspan de Mexico
Parque Industrial Valle II
Tijuana, Baja California Norte Mexico

Tube Welding

Bellows Tube Welding

Bellows Forming

Bellows Forming

Bellows Forming Welding

Final Sizing

GTAW Welding

Cleaning Machining

Cleaning for
Refrigeration Service

CNC Machining

Plate Burning

Plate Burning

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