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In-Line Pressure Balanced
Universal Hinged or Gimbaled
Expansion Joints

Eliminates pressure thrust and need for main anchors
Reduces forces and moments on critical equipment
No change of pipe direction required
Absorbs axial, lateral and angular motions

Hyspan has developed unique pressure balanced expansion joint designs that permit axial, lateral and angular movements without the necessity for main anchors to react the pressure thrust, or a change in direction of the piping. The Universal Hinge in-line pressure balance expansion joint permits axial travel, and lateral and angular motions in one plane. The Universal Gimbal permits axial travel, and lateral and angular motions in all planes.

The Hyspan design incorporates a bellows and linkage that reacts the pressure thrust within the expansion joint. The linkage is hinged or gimbaled depending on the desired motion.

Consult Hyspan for specific application of these products.

UniversalÊ Gimbal Expansion Joint

Universal Gimbal Expansion Joint

UniversalÊ Hinge Expansion Joint
UniversalÊ Gimbal Expansion Joint

Universal Hinge, Axial with single-plane lateral
and angular movement

Universal Gimbal, Axial with multi-plane lateral
and angular movement

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