ISO 9001-2015
Effective January 13, 2020 Hyspan Precision Products, Inc. has purchased the assets of American Boa Incorporated used for the design and production of industrial expansion joints, metal hose assemblies and bulk metal hose. These assets include the representation of the metal hose manufactured by Boa Flexible Solutions S.A.S. All records of past sales, engineering designs, manufacturing documentation and quality records have been retained; as well as the machinery and equipment used to manufacture these products. Hyspan welcomes the opportunity to provide the quality products of American Boa. Please direct your inquiries to or contact us at the following address:
hyspan 50 years Hyspan Precision Products, Inc.
1685 Brandywine Avenue
Chula Vista, CA 92103 USA
(619) 421 1355 Voice
(619) 421 1702 Fax

Hyspan is a 100% employee owned company that has been engaged in manufacturing metal bellows products for industrial, automotive, aerospace, OEM, HVAC, scientific and defense applications since 1968. The Hyspan group of companies includes: