balljoint Hyspan Barco Standard Series Ball Joints

Standard Series Ball Joints are available in sizes 1/2" through 2" with female pipe thread connections both ends. Standard materials are ductile iron or wrought steel with optional seal compounds.

Flex angles range from 31º to 41º depending on the nominal size. Refer to Column 3 of the Dimensional Data table below.

Optional materials including all stainless steel and stainless steel balls configurations are available.

Standard Series ball joints are approved by Factory Mutual Research for use in fire protection systems.


Part Number

Dimensional Data
Standard Series Ball Joints

Dimensional Data (inches) Refer to Illustrations
1/2 08 41 3.58 3.25 1.84 2.25
3/4 12 38 4.69 3.94 2.56 3.50
1 16 39 5.00 4.25 2.62 5.25
1 1/4 20 31 5.34 4.50 2.91 6.34
1 1/2 24 35 5.88 5.00 3.25 9.50
2 32 31 6.90 5.63 3.75 13.00
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

See type N style I or consult the factory for sizes 2 1/2" through 4"

Flex Torque

Flex Torque is the moment (ft.-lbs.) at break-a-way required to angularly displace a ball joint. Because of the relatively small size of Standard Series ball joints the flex torque does not vary significantly with pressure. The tabulated values are the design values from zero pressure through the rated pressure range.

No. 11 Seal
Flex Torque
Nos. 23 & 24 Seals
Flex Torque
1/2" 77 35
3/4" 116 38
1" 155 40
1 1/4" 194 43
1 1/2" 227 45
2" 303 48

Seal Descriptions and Pressure/Temperature Ratings

Seal Number 11

Compound 11 is a pressure molded proprietary seal compound recommended for general purpose applications for steam, hot water and oil systems. Compound 11 has the highest pressure/temperature ratings of the available seal materials.

Rated for service at temperatures from -50º F to +525º F.

Pressure/Temperature Ratings
Number 11 Composition Seal

Seal Number 23

Compound 23 is pressure molded Teflon®, a chemically inert material that is recommended for applications involving corrosive fluids. Compound 23 has the lowest flex torque of the available seals.

Rated for service at temperatures from
-325º F to +450º F.

Pressure/Temperature Ratings
Number 23 Teflon®Seals

Seal Number 24

Compound 24 is pressure molded proprietary compound of glass fiber and Teflon®. The addition of the glass fiber adds strength and stability to the seal. The compound is chemically inert and is recommended for applications involving corrosive fluids when a higher pressure rating is required.

Rated for service at temperatures from
-325º F to +425º F.

Pressure/Temperature Ratings
Number 24 Glass Filled Teflon® Seals

Ordering Instructions

To order or specify Hyspan Barco Ball Joints state the complete part number which includes; the basic Assembly Number selected from the illustrations, the Size Code from Column 2 of the Dimensional Data tabulation and the Seal Code based on the seal composition required.

Installation an Maintenance Procedures

Proper application and maintenance of ball joints is important. Refer to Installation and Maintenance Procedures for Standard Series ball joints for the correct procedures including disassembly and seal replacement.

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