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Since the company’s beginning in 1968, Hyspan has not only specialized in the fabrication of metal bellows and hose, but the fabrication and development of assemblies that incorporate these components. Hyspan is staffed with engineers experienced in product design, manufacturing engineering and process engineering to support this development.

Metal Bellows & Metal Hose

Because of the specialized nature of these products, it is frequently necessary to design and fabricate the forming machines, tools and fixtures, and test apparatus to support product development.  As a result the company’s fabrication facilities include tool and die and machine tool fabrication in addition to bellows and hose forming, precision machining, a variety of welding and brazing processes, plate fabrication and metal forming and rolling.

Hyspan’s quality assurance department is staffed with American Society of Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT) certified professionals qualified to perform liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic, Helium leak detection, and radiography. The company maintains facilities to support these processes as well as related testing such as tensile testing, pressure testing and metallurgical examinations. Quality approvals include American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Section VIII, European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and Military standard MIL-I-45208.

Hyspan’s metal bellows forming capability ranges from 1/4” through 34’ 0” (largest made to date) inside diameter with virtually unlimited ability to make non-standard sizes as well as custom designs to meet the most demanding service conditions. Standard bellows are cataloged on the Series 7500 web page.

Metal hose products are available from Hyspan’s subsidiary, Universal Metal Hose. In addition to the Universal products, the metal hose products of Anaconda/Anamet and Flexible Metal Inc. are available.

Hyspan has designed and manufactured products for scientific research facilities and defense projects for both foreign and domestic customers since the company’s founding.  These products have been used in linear accelerators, lasers, nuclear testing, alternative fuel development, ship building, aircraft production and space projects.  In addition Hyspan acquired companies engaged in the production of similar products and has retained the records, equipment and production capability to produce these products.  As a result Hyspan manufactures the products for the following Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) codes.

Hyspan Precision Products, Inc.  30009
Anamet Industrial (Anaconda Metal Hose) 70510
Flexible Metal Inc. (Flexible Metal Hose, Inc.)  60535
Universal Metal Hose 92195

Ducting Assembly

Gas Turbine Recuperator Ducting, alloy 625 Construction

Universal Expansion Joint

Tied Universal Expansion Joints Installed on a
Gas Turbine Inlet Silencer

Metal Hose Metal Hose

Gas Turbine Bleed Air Manifold

Mockup and Test Setup of Exhaust Ducts
(from Boeing 747) of Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser

Expansion Joint Testing Expansion Joint Testing Expansion Joint Testing

High Temperature Endurance Testing – Bellows Spring Forces Monitored

Liquid Nitrogen Testing

Leak Testing

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