Series 3500SRV Safety Relief Valve Connectors

Series 3500SRV Safety Relief Valve Connectors

Product Description

Safety Relief Valve Connectors have been designed by Hyspan to meet the special requirements of safety valve escapement piping. When safety relief valves vent steam there is a sudden pressure and temperature surge in the escapement piping.

Hyspan Series 3500SRV Safety Relief Valve Connectors

Steam velocity is typically supersonic. Hyspan connectors are designed to be installed in vertical or horizontal piping near the safety valve to isolate the valve from thermal expansion, and shock and vibration movements.

The Hyspan design is all welded construction with a fully enclosed multi-ply bellows. The inlet pipe provides a heavy flow liner that protects the bellows from the high velocity flow and an inner ring protects the bellows from lateral contact with the inside surface of the housing. Since most escapement piping is sized larger than the relief valve outlet, Series 3500SRV connectors are designed with the outlet diameter two pipe diameters larger than the inlet to incorporate this transition.

Standard configurations are designed for 150 psig at 500º F with movements of 2” axial compression and 1” lateral offset. The cycle life for these combined movements is 1000 in accordance with the Standards of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association. Escapement piping must include alignment guides and main anchors.

Design Features