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Expansion Joint

All Alloy 625 Expansion Joint Including
Fabricated Angle Flanges

Rectangular Expansion Joint

Hinged Rectangular Expansion Joint with
Camera Fold Corners

Chimmey Bellows

Series 2500 Expansion Joint with flared ends
to customer specifications

Series 2500
Low Pressure Round and Rectangular Expansion joints

Series 2500 expansion joints have been specifically designed for round and rectangular low pressure duct and piping applications. Applications such as diesel engine exhaust, gas turbine exhaust, ventilation ducting, and boiler exhaust ducting. The designs are highly flexible, and a variety of materials are available for high temperatures or corrosive applications. Specifications vary for each product group but in general Series 2500 round expansion joints are designed for pressures ranging from full vacuum to 15 psig.

Series 2500 Laminated Bellows Expansion Joints

Series 2500 Laminated Bellows Connectors are expansion joints designed to be highly flexible with internal vibration damping for direct installation on vibrating equipment such as engine exhausts, turbochargers and fan connections. Sizes range from 3" through 18" nominal pipe size with fixed, floating and weld end connections.

Series 2500 Round Expansion Joints

Series 2500 Round Expansion joints are available in standard designs from 6" through 48." Hyspan has the capability to manufacture expansion joints with diameters up to 34 feet. Standard end connections are fixed flange, floating flange, angle flange and weld end. They are available as single joints or universal configurations.

Series 2500 Rectangular Expansion Joints

Series 2500 Rectangular Expansion Joints are fabricated to customer specified dimensions with standard Hyspan convolution profiles, and a variety of corner configurations. Materials of construction range from carbon steel to stainless steel and high nickel alloy steels. Metal rectangular expansion joints are leak tight and typically last 15 years or more.

Custom Assemblies

Series 2500 bellows are commonly incorporated into assemblies designed specifically for a customer's application. Hyspan's total capability to design products and to fabricate all of the component parts minimizes development time and provides control over production.

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