American BOA: A Legacy of Innovation, Now Powered by Hyspan

Experience the combined strength of two industry leaders: American BOA’s rich heritage in flexible solutions and Hyspan’s global engineering and manufacturing expertise.

A Legacy Forged in Excellence
For decades, American BOA served diverse industries as a leading manufacturer of flexible metal solutions. From its initial operations in New York and New Jersey to its consolidated headquarters in Cumming, Georgia, American BOA consistently evolved and expanded its expertise, earning a reputation for quality, innovation, and customer focus.

Hyspan: Expanding the Reach of Excellence
In 2020, Hyspan, a globally recognized leader in engineered piping solutions, acquired American BOA. This strategic union combined Hyspan’s vast resources and international reach with American BOA’s deep industry knowledge of Defense, Marine, Power, Medical, Industrial, and Municipal applications. The result? A stronger powerhouse equipped to deliver even more comprehensive and advanced solutions to an even wider audience.

Together, Building on a Shared Vision
Both Hyspan and American BOA share a fundamental commitment to:
• Innovation that matters: Experienced and innovative engineering using advanced laminated bellows technology with multiple plies from various metals for extreme motions and vibration. Flexible braided hose assemblies are also provided for high pressures and critical systems. Product temperatures range from cryogenic liquified gasses to high-temperature refractory lined pipe applications.
• Unwavering quality: Rigorous testing, industry certifications, and a culture of continuous improvement ensure the reliability and performance of every product.
• Investing in research and development to push the boundaries of flexibility and control solutions, addressing evolving industry needs.
• Customer-centric approach: Building strong partnerships, understanding unique requirements, and delivering tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

The 156″ Diameter Expansion Joint: A Testament to Our Combined Strength
This exceptional product exemplifies the power of the Hyspan-American BOA union. Engineered with robust 321 stainless steel and boasting extreme flexibility, it perfectly bridges American BOA’s legacy of innovation with Hyspan’s engineering and manufacturing expertise. It’s an ideal solution for high-temperature flue gas systems and countless other demanding applications worldwide.

Beyond Products: An Enduring Commitment to Service
Our dedication extends far beyond products. We hold numerous industry awards and certifications, including ISO 9001:2015, ASME Section VIII Division 1, and AD 2000 Merkblatt HP0 . Hyspan is also an active member of the Expansion Joint Manufacturer’s Association (EJMA) contributing significantly to metal expansion joint design standards, including research and development.
Additionally, our combined global network of corporate staff and independent representatives provides a comprehensive support and service capability wherever your operations may be.

Discover the Power of Hyspan
• Unmatched breadth of expertise: Leverage the combined knowledge and experience of two industry leaders.
• Global reach and resources: Access our extensive international network for seamless support and solutions.
• Commitment to innovation: Benefit from ongoing advancements in flexibility and control technologies.
• Unwavering quality and service: Experience the peace of mind that comes with industry-leading certifications and global support.

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