System Technology – Lateral (Offset)

Expansion joints in lateral (Offset®) pipe systems move perpendicular to the pipe centerline. This configuration includes at least one 90-degree elbow and an additional pipe. Only intermediate anchors are required for spring forces, alignment guide force, and support friction force.


  • Lowest system install cost
  • Lowest system forces and risk
  • Minimum alignment guide requirements


  • 90-degree change in pipe direction required to allow lateral motion
  • Two moving components typically required to allow lateral motion
  • Consider an axial system if space does not allow a 90-degree direction change
  • Pressure balanced axial expansion joints have higher forces than lateral joints yet lower than axial expansion joints
  • Intermediate anchors, supports, and alignment guides are required for correct operation and safety


  • Hanging, pipe rack, rooftop, pipe riser, tunnel, ground-based, and buried energy distribution systems across large distances with vaults
  • Force limited systems that need to avoid pressure thrust and main anchors
  • Force limited equipment connections
  • Commercial, Industrial, Power Generation, Petrochemical, Marine, Defense, and Laboratory of all sizes and pressures


1507H/G-1510H/G Hyflex Single Hinge or Gimbal Bellows Expansion Joints

1511PBH/G-1512PBH/G Inline Pressure Balanced Universal Hinge or Gimbal Expansion Joint


1511R-1512R HyFlex Universal

4500 V-Flex (Steel)

4500 V-Flex (Copper)