Hyspan designs and manufactures an extensive range of pipe motion products for Petrochemical applications, including Oil & Gas, upstream, midstream, downstream, and stringent Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC). Offshore platforms, FPSOs, and secondary recovery are also supported. Our engineered solutions aid refining and chemical applications for thermal motion, vibration reduction, stress reduction, tank settlement, structural support, and flow measurement.  

For more than a half-century, we have designed, engineered, manufactured, tested, and acquired various expansion joint technologies. This unique and extensive experience provides Hyspan exceptional capabilities in this critical industry.  

Hyspan’s unique ability to design and manufacture all four types of metal expansion joint technologies allows a complete line of products. These products include metal bellows expansion joints, packed expansion joints, ball joints, and metal hoses. Additional products also include pipe guides, strut joints, hydraulic snubbers, and flow measurement venturis.  

Sizes range from 1” (25mm) through 20’ (6m). Complete metal bellows and hose assemblies with flanges, pipe, or tube ends are provided from 321, 304/304L, and 316/316L. Formed metal bellows are also available in Alloy 625, Alloy 718, Alloy C22, Alloy C276, and B265 Grade 2 Titanium. 

Our staff can meet challenging engineering problems and manage major contracts.  

Hyspan is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company with a quality system that supports requirements of the piping and boiler pressure vessel codes. These include popular ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, and ASME Section VIII Division 1 codes. European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) standards, with CE markings, can be supported in many applications. Canadian Registration Number (CRN) support is available. 

Nondestructive testing and inspections are performed by company personnel including radiography. Quality personnel are certified to the standards of the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT). Hyspan is a member of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association (EJMA ®). A copy of our Hyspan EJMA ® certificate is available. 

Oil & Gas—Steam Injection Well
Oil & Gas—Steam Injection Well
Oil & Gas Steam Injection—Prefabricated Well Head Scissors connection
Oil & Gas Steam Injection—Prefabricated Well Head Scissors connection
Styrene & Plastics
Styrene & Plastics
Styrene & Plastics
Styrene & Plastics
Petro-Chemical Tanks
Petro-Chemical Tanks
65” diameter by 41’ long Refractory Lined Expansion Joint.  Regenerator to separator ducting in an oil refinery.
65” diameter by 41’ long Refractory Lined Expansion Joint. Regenerator to separator ducting in an oil refinery.


FCC Refinery Bellows Expansion Joint

Series 1500 Hyflex Bellows Expansion Joints

Series 1500 Hyflex Bellows Expansion Joints tbkg 2in

1507-1510 Hyflex Single Bellows Exp Joint
1511-1512 Hyflex Uni Bellows Exp Joints
1511IS Inline Seismic Uni Bellows Exp Joints
1507HG-1510HG Hyflex Single Hinge/ Gimbal Bellows
Exp Joints

Series 2500 Low Pressure Round & Rectangular Bellows Expansion Joints

2504-2507 Low Pressure 1 Ply Bellows Joint
2524-2527 Low Pressure 1 Ply All 304/304L Bellows Joint
2534-2537 Low Pressure 1 Ply All 316L Bellows Joint
2509-2511 Low Pressure 3 Ply Bellows Joint
2529-2531 Low Pressure 3 Ply A 304/304L Bellows Joint
2539-2541 Low Pressure 3 Ply All 316L Bellows Joint
2554-2555 HySeal Low Pressure 1 Ply Penetration Seal Bellows Joint
25RECT Low Pressure Rectangle Bellows Expansion Joint

Series 3500 External Pressure Bellows Expansion Joints

3501-3506 Single/Dual 3 Ply Ext. Pres. Exp. Joints
3501PB-3502PB Single 3 Ply Pres. Balanced Ext. Pres. Exp. Joints
3501IS-3502IS Single Inline Seismic & Settling Ext. Pres. Exp. Joints
3501SRV-3502SRV Safety Relief Valve 3 Ply Ext. Pres. Vent Exp. Joint

Series 4500 Braided Hose Connectors

4501-4505 Straight Braided Hose Connectors
45V1-45V8 V-Flex Seismic Connector
Anaconda Vibration Eliminators with Copper Ends
Universal Metal Hose Braided Hose, Strip Wound, and Assemblies
Anaconda Metal Hose and Braided Connectors

Series 6500 Perma-Pax Slip Expansion Joints

6501-6506 Packed Slip Single & Dual Expansion Joints

Series 6800 Flexible Strut Joints/Vibrasnubs

Flexible Strut Joints
Vibrasnub Hydraulic Vibration Snubbers

Series 9500 Alignment Guides

Pipe Guide, Steel & Stainless Steel, 3/4″ to 14″ NPS
Tube Guide, Copper, 3/4″ to 4″ NOM

CE/PED Joint

Heavy Wall Fabricated Acid Plant .120/.135” Duct Expansion Joint

Abrasion Service Bellows and Slip Expansion Joint

Heavy Wall Flanged & Flued Pipe Expansion Joint

Safety Relief Valve Bellows Seal

Custom Made 1” To 20’ Engineered Bellows Expansion Joint

Anaconda Metal Bellows Expansion Joints

Flexible Metal Bellows Expansion Joints