Hyspan is the single source for expansion compensation, seismic connections and vibration isolation in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Only Hyspan manufacturers metal bellows expansion joints for axial and offset applications, packed slip expansion joints, ball joints, metal hose assemblies and refrigeration connectors. These products provide an unequaled ability to fill every application with the correct product. Hyspan’s engineering staff is available to help with product selection as well as representation located throughout the world that is staffed with trained application engineers.

Series 1500 Laminated Low Area Bellows Expansion Joints

1501-1506 Single & Dual 3 Ply, Low Area & Liner Bellows Joints tbkg 1in

Series 1500 Hyflex Bellows Expansion Joints


Series 1500 Hyflex Pressure Balanced Bellows Expansion Joint

1507PB-1510PB Hyflex Pres Bal Bellows EJ tbkg 1in

Series 2500 Low Pressure Round & Rectangular Bellows Expansion Joints

2504-2507 Low Press 1ply Bellows Joint tbkg 1in

Series 3500 External Pressure Bellows Expansion Joints


Series 5500 Laminated Bellows Connectors

5501R-5502R 3 ply Minimum Length Bellows Connector tbkg 1in

Series 8500 Expansion Compensators


Anaconda Metal Bellows Expansion Joints


Series 1500 Hyflex Universal Expansion Joints

7500 Series Metal Bellows

Flexible Metal Hose Expansion Joints

Flexider Expansion Joints

American BOA Expansion Joints

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