Series 6500 Perma-Pax Slip Expansion Joints

Series 6500 Perma-Pax Slip Expansion Joints

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6500 Perma-Pax Slip Expansion Joints




2-24 in.


≤150 & 300 PSI / 10 & 20 Bar


24+ in.

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This product is registered throughout Canada under
CRN 0D9278.59870YTNADD3

Packed slip expansion joints provide the ability to carry high pressures, large motions, and frequent cycling, in a compact length, with high reliability. Slip joints are designed for axial motion installations. Single and dual designs are available. Small to extreme motions are supported. Abrasion resistance is a benefit. Common applications include motions from thermal change. Services include steam and hot water pipe expansion, geothermal well riser expansion, high-temperature air, and abrasive media systems including tar and asphalt.

Hyspan is the single source for expansion compensation, seismic connections, and vibration isolation. Only Hyspan manufactures metal bellows expansion joints, packed slip expansion joints, ball joints, and metal hose assemblies. These products provide an unequaled ability to fill applications with the correct product. Hyspan’s sales staff is available to help with product selection and development. Representative organizations for Hyspan are located throughout the world.

Product Description

Series 6500 Perma-Pax Packed Expansion Joints

Series 6500 Packed Expansion Joints are designed for installations where the principal movement is axial. Standard single and dual designs are available 2″ through 24″ diameter with travels of 4″, 8″ and 12″ compression for single designs, and 8″, 16″ and 24″ compression for dual designs. Service conditions are 150 and 300 psig to 500°F. Welded and flanged end connections are standard, with grooved ends optional.

Technology & Advantages

Series 6500 expansion joints incorporate design features that are not available from other manufacturers. They include a one piece body which eliminates a circumferential weld, line bored aluminum bronze metal inner and outer guides, and an optimized sealing system consisting of carbon fiber graphite impregnated braided packing combined with Grafoil® Flexible Graphite injected packing.

These features combine to provide a standard product with the lowest seal resistance force available, self lubrication, and precision internal metallic guides. Series 6500 products are available from stock and include a Five year full replacement warranty.

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Common Applications

Series 6500 expansion joints are designed for installations where the principal movement is axial. Standard single configurations are designed for 4″, 8″ and 12″ of axial compression (pipe expansion) and 1″, 1.5″ and 2″  extension respectively. Dual configurations are designed for 8″, 16″ and 24″ of axial compression and 2″, 3″ and 4″ extension respectively. If the primary movement is extension (pipe contraction), the expansion joint can be preset at the factory. The piping system must include anchors to react the force produced by pressure thrust and the friction force, to react the weight of the pipe and media, and guides to ensure that the pipe alignment is maintained.

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Ordering Information

  • Refer to Tables 5 through 8 to select the configuration and service conditions required for your application.
  • If the travel required is unknown see the method of calculation on Page 5.

2″ NPS
Single Expansion Joint
Steel pipe weld ends
150 psig at 500°F maximum
4.0″ axial travel maximum


6502: Type specification, single weld end
131: Size & pressure designation, 2″ NPS, 150 PSIG
4: Axial travel, 4.0″ compression, 1.0″ extension

Single expansion joints, 6501 and 6502, ordered with anchor based are identified as 6501AB and 6502AB. Anchor bases are standard on dual anchor base joints, 6505 and 6506, and do not require the AB suffix.

Optional features must be specified by a written description accompanying the part number. Options that are available include:

  • Higher rated pressure and temperature
  • Alternate materials
  • Vent or instrumentation ports
  • Factory preset of overall length
  • Service outlets (size and orientation must be specified)
  • Grooved end attachments
  • 1/4 Turn valve on each injector fitting
  • Threaded adjusting rods for field preset

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