Hyspan was founded in 1968 with comprehensive engineering, quality, and production capability. We design, develop, and fabricate metal bellows and hoses along with assemblies and products that incorporate these components. These technical strengths have been combined with sound management skills to develop reliable and long-lasting products, and we have continued to grow by acquiring related products and companies forming an organization of seven subsidiaries and divisions.  

As a result, Hyspan is the only designer and manufacturer of all four types of metal expansion joint technologies: bellows joints, ball joints, slip joints, and braided hoses. This provides best-fit solutions not usually limited to only one or two technologies. Often, more than one option is available as a reliable solution.   

Hyspan acquisitions include: 

  • American BOA expansion joints and hoses 
  • Anaconda/Anamet Industrial expansion joints and hoses 
  • Barco ball joints, strut joints, Vibrasnubs, and venturis 
  • Fetterolf Perma-Pax packed slip joints 
  • Flexial welded bellows and accumulators 
  • Flexible Metal bellows and tubular assemblies 
  • Flexider USA/Flexider Industrial expansion joints 
  • National Standard wire braid 
  • Universal Hose & Braid metal hoses, interlock hoses, conduits, wire braid 

 Hyspan sales and engineering staff support replacement, custom-design, prototype, and defense products. Whether the conditions are full vacuum for scientific applications, -452 degrees F for liquid Helium in cryogenics, high vibration on engine exhaust, district energy steam and condensate, or FCC refractory lined expansion joints for refineries, we have the experience and technology to support you.  

 In 1998 Hyspan formed a wholly owned subsidiary, Hyspan de México, located near Tijuana, México. The company is classified as a maquiladora manufacturing plant which permits raw material and component parts to be transferred to and from the plant on a duty-free basis. Products are qualified under USMCA, formerly known as NAFTA. Hyspan de México has complete bellows fabrication, machining, welding, and testing capability. Many high-volume products for Hyspan divisions and its subsidiaries are manufactured by Hyspan de México. 

 Other active divisions and subsidiaries of Hyspan Precision Products, Inc., include Universal Hose and Braid, Flexible Metal Inc. (Tucker, GA and Hamburg, MI), Flexible Metal S.R.O. Prague, Hyspan de México, and Flexial Corporation.  

For more corporate information please download the Hyspan Group Presentation.  

Hyspan is a member of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association, Inc. (EJMA®), an organization devoted to the development of design methods for metal bellows and related products. As a member, Hyspan joins with other companies to share analytical and test results to advance the knowledge of metal bellows and related products. 

We look forward to supporting your next pipe motion application with an advanced flexible solution.