Series 5500 Laminated Bellows Connectors

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5500 Laminated Bellows Connectors




2 – 24 in. / 50 – 1270 mm


≤150 & 300 PSI / 10 & 20 Bar


1+ in. / 25+ mm

Canadian Registration


This product is registered throughout Canada under
CRN 0D9278.59870YTNADD3

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Product Description

  • Sizes 1 1/2″ through 24″
  • Design Conditions: full vacuum to 150 & 300 psig at 500F
  • Compact design with maximum flexibility and extended life
  • Designed specifically to isolate and protect mechanical equipment

Series 5500 Bellows Pump Connectors are designed for installation adjacent to mechanical equipment to isolate vibration, absorb small pipe movements and to provide flexibility during installation. The bellows element is laminated (3 ply minimum) for maximum flexibility and fatigue resistance. Standard configurations include integral full thrust limit rods to react the full pressure thrust or compression for vacuum conditions.

Series 5500 Bellows Pump Connectors installed on the suction and discharge of a pump to absorb motion

Common Applications

Bellows pump connectors are designed to connect rigid piping to mechanical equipment that has thermal growth or mechanical movement. Although limit rods are an integral part of the design to prevent over extension or compression, these rods should be loose for full benefit. The rigid anchor shown in the illustration must be capable of reacting the pressure thrust and the spring force of the bellows.

Design Features

5501R Fixed Flange
Flanges: Flat face carbon steel made from ASME A-36 plate with integral limit rod lugs. Outside diameter and drilling per ASME/ANSI B16.5. Table 3 designs 150 lb. drilling, Table 4 designs – 300 lb. drilling. See Column 5 of Tables 3 & 4 for maximum outside dimension including limit rod lugs.

Bellows: Laminated (multiply) ASTM A240 type 321 3” diameter and under, type 304 over 3” diameter.

5502R Van Stone Flange
Van Stone: ASTM A240 type 304, The primary purpose of van stoned ends on Series 5500 Bellows Pump Connectors is to provide an all wetted stainless steel surface in contact with the flow media. The van stone is material that is flared and flattened against the flange face.

Although it is not dimensionally equivalent to a raised face, it creates a condition that is comparable. Since the flanges are not attached to the bellows or van stone, they can rotate relative to each end approximately one half hole diameter as limited by the limit rods.

Typical End View
Flow Liner (optional): ASTM A240 type 304, Material thickness follows the recommendations of the Standards of the Expansion Manufacturers Association, Inc. for flow velocities less than 100 ft./sec.

Limit Rods: ASTM A307 Bolts, A563 Nuts

Flow liners or internal sleeves are optional features on standard Series 5500 Bellows Pump Connectors. Their purpose is to: minimize pressure loss, prevent bellows resonance in turbulent flow, prevent erosion of the bellows if the media contain abrasive material or to prevent direct impingement of high temperature flow on the bellows.

The guidelines published by the Standards of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association, Inc. are: flow liners are recommended for gas flow with velocities exceeding 4 ft./sec. per inch of diameter through 6” NPS, and 25 ft./sec. for sizes larger than 6” NPS. For liquid flow, liners are recommended for velocities exceeding 2 ft./sec. per inch of diameter through 6” NPS, and over 10 ft./sec. for sizes over 6” NPS. If extremely turbulent flow conditions exist, the actual flow velocity should be multiplied by 4 to use these criteria.

Series 5500 flow liners are designed for unidirectional flow, and flow conditions normally experienced in industrial and HVAC applications. For conditions involving bi-directional flow, high velocities, abrasive materials or extreme turbulence, consult the factory.

(1) Overall length is measured from flange face to flange to flange face including the van stone for Type 5502R.
(2) Maximum outside diameter – includes limit rod lug attachments.
(3) Type 5506R is available rated for full vacuum to 150 psig at 500°F as a replacement for rubber expansion joints, nominal sizes 2” through 14”. Sizes 2” through 8” are 6.0” overall length and sizes 10” through 14” are 8” overall length. All other dimensions and performance data are the same as Type 5502R.
(1) Overall length is measured from flange face to flange to flange face including the van stone for Type 5502R.
(2) Maximum outside diameter – includes limit rod lug attachments.

Ordering Information

  • Refer to Tables 2 and 3 to select the configuration and service conditions required for your application.

6” Bellows Pump Connector at 500°F maximum, 5502R-160 van stone 150 lb. flange both ends, limit rods


5502R: Type specification, van stoned flange limit rods
160: Size & pressure designation, 6″ NPS, 150 PSIG

  • To add an optional flow liner, add an “L” to the type specification i.e. 5501RL or 5502RL

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