Technical Assistance

Hyspan Technical Notes that explain the axial, lateral and angular movement of metal bellows, and the mathematical relationship between the three movements.

Hyspan Technical Notes that explain the force that results from pressure in a product/system that incorporates a metal bellows.

Hyspan technical notes used for sales representative training that explain and illustrate the basic principles, applications, functions, movements and types of expansion joints.

Tabulated values of thermal expansion (or contraction) from 70°F measured in inches/100 feet corresponding to listed temperatures for commonly used materials. Primarily used to determine the expansion of pipe and tubing.  Temperatures range from cryogenic to elevated value.


Illustrations of commonly used ball joint installations and recommended design practices. Methods for calculating the flex angle, and the forces and moments on the system.

A Hyspan Barco Ball Joint designed for heat transfer oil piping of parabolic trough solar collectors was life cycled tested at the pressure, temperature and motion conditions simulating 30 years of service. Report summarizes the results.

Hyspan Barco Ball Joints are used in a scissor configuration to absorb well head growth in oil field steam injection wells. Design of scissor arrangement including calculation of scissor leg lengths.