Series 8500 Expansion Compensators

Series 8500 Expansion Compensators

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8500 Expansion Compensators




3/4 – 4 in. / 19 – 100 mm


≤200 PSI / 13 & 7 Bar


3+ in. /75+ mm

Canadian Registration


This product is registered throughout Canada under
CRN 0D9278.59870YTNADD3

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Product Description

Series 8500 Expansion Compensators are designed for installations where the principal movement is axial. Standard designs are 3/4” through 4” for steel pipe and copper tube with 2” or 3”axial compression. Service conditions are 200 psig to 500°F. Steel pipe ends are threaded, welded, grooved or flanged. Copper tube ends are male or female sweat connections.

Technology & Advantages

The bellows element of Series 8500 Expansion Compensators is completely enclosed and externally pressurized which prevents damage to the bellows and eliminates pressure instability. The pipe or tube telescopes into the compensator providing a smooth full bore, and isolates the bellows from the flow. Series 8500 products are available from stock and have a Three year full replacement warranty.

Type 8503 Cut-a-way

Common Applications

Series 8500 Expansion Compensators are designed for installations where the principal movement is axial.  Standard joints are designed for 2” or 3” axial compression (pipe expansion) and 0.5” extension. If the primary movement is extension (pipe contraction) the compensator can be preset at the factory. The piping system must include anchors to react the force produced by pressure thrust and the bellows spring constant, supports to react the weight of the pipe and media, and guides to ensure that the pipe alignment is maintained.

Series 1500 Laminated Bellows Expansion Joints are comparable products that are available for steel pipe systems 2” through 14”.

Series 3500 Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints are comparable products with greater travel. Standard designs are available through 24”.

Series 9500 Alignment Guides are designed to maintain the alignment of the tube and pipe adjacent to expansion compensators and throughout the tube/pipe run.

Ordering Information

  • Refer to Tables 5 & 6 on Page 5 of the catalog for the steel pipe or copper tube end configuration required for your application.
  • If the travel required is unknown, see the method of calculation shown in the catalog.

Threaded steel pipe ends 8503-231-2
200 psig at 500°F maximum
2.0″ axial travel maximum Axial travel, 2.0″ compression, 0.5″ extension
2″ NPS

8503: Model specification, male pipe thread both ends, steel pipe, steel housing and guides
131: Size designation, 2″ NPS, (Table 5)
4: Axial travel, 2.0″ compression, 0.5″ extension

  • Model 8503, 8504, 8505 and 8506 are available with all stainless steel construction for low temperature or highly corrosive service. Must be specified by written description.
  • All Series 8500 compensators are available with multiple Alloy 625 bellows for highly corrosive media. Must be specified by written description.

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