System Technology – Vibration

Vibration connectors are located in key positions adjacent to rotating equipment. They are subject to vibration from one or more planes. When correctly designed, located, and anchored, they minimize transmission of vibration and sound to the remaining pipe system. This common application includes vibration connectors of 3-ply laminated bellows or braided metal hose, and nearby main anchors.


  • System vibration reduction, which is maximized when adjacent anchors are included


  • Include main anchors adjacent to vibration connector
  • Amplitude and Frequency should be verified with Hyspan when information is available. Common vibration amplitude is .001” to .004”
  • Vibration connectors lengths are optimized to absorb vibration motions, not thermal or other motions
  • Main anchors and supports are required for correct operation and safety


  • Rotating equipment including pumps and compressors
  • Commercial, Industrial, Power Generation, Petrochemical, Marine, Defense, and Laboratory of all sizes and pressures


4501-4505 Straight Braided Hose Connectors

Anaconda Vibration Eliminator


5501R-5502R 3 Ply Minimum Length Bellows Connector

2509-2511 Low Pressure 3 Ply Bellows Joints