Series 1500 Hyflex Bellows Expansion Joints

Series 1500 Hyflex Bellows Expansion Joints

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1500 Hyflex Bellows Expansion Joints




2-240 in. / 50-6000 mm
2-240 in. / 100-6000 mm
2-240 in. / 50-1200 mm


≤50, 150 & 300 PSI / 3, 10 & 20 Bar
≤150 PSI / 10 Bar


3+ in. / 75+ mm
8+ in. / 200+ mm
4+ in. / 100+ mm

Canadian Registration


This product is registered throughout Canada under CRN 0D9278.59870YTNADD3

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Series 1500 Hyflex Bellows Expansion Joints

Series 1500 Hyflex Expansion Joint family incorporates advanced bellows designs in various configurations for axial, lateral, angular, and multi axis motions. Catalog designs are available from as small as 1” NPS (25mm) through 144” (3600mm). Single ply, multi ply, and redundant ply technologies are available. Pressure ratings range from 25 PSIG through 300 PSIG. Larger sizes and higher pressures are available. Engineered 1500 Hyflex solutions are common for specific applications. 

Internal flow liners, external shroud covers, rods, hinges, gimbals, purge ports, oversized bellows, travel limits, and other options are available. Cryogenic to extreme temperatures are supported via various material options and the inclusion of insulation or refractory lining. 

The Series 1500 Hyflex family is comprised of three groups of products: single expansion joints, universal expansion joints and Fluid Catalyst Cracking (FCC) joints for refineries.  Single joints are predominantly for axial motions, angular motion, and pressure balanced axial motions. Universal joints allow lateral motion, multi axis motions, and pressure balanced multi axis motions. FCC joints are provided in engineered configurations to support various motions. They include 2-ply redundant testable bellows, refractory lining, and specific support structures.  

Universal, hinge, and gimbal configurations allow maximum motions while inducing the lowest forces to pipe systems and structures. Pressure balanced joints eliminate pressure thrust and offer lower forces than axial motion designs. Inline pressure balanced joints are compact non-thrust axial motion designs. Inline seismic universal expansion joints provide for minimum space multi axis motions. Inline pressure balanced universal hinge or gimbal joints support low force multi axis applications. 

 Welcome to Hyflex, advanced bellows solutions for internally pressurized expansion joints. 

Single Expansion Joints

Series 1507-1510 Hyflex Single Bellows Expansion Joints typically used for axial compression or extension. Limited lateral and angular motions are also supported. 

Series 1507H/G-1510H/G Hyflex Hinge and Gimbal Single Expansion Joints for angular motion. Hinge and gimbal single joints operate in pairs for lateral motion without pressure thrust, to provide minimum forces to structures, allowing for intermediate anchors and minimal quantity of alignment guides. Hinge and gimbal bellows joints are used in tandem pairs, or in groups of three or four with an additional 90-degree elbow for multi axis motions. 

Series 1507PB-1510PB Hyflex Inline Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints provide axial motion compensation without pressure thrust force, allowing for intermediate anchors and minimum quantity of alignment guides.  

Universal Expansion Joints

Series 1511-1512 Hyflex Universal Expansion Joints for lateral motions without pressure thrust, providing minimum forces to structures, allowing for intermediate anchors and minimal quantity of alignment guides. Rod, hinge, and gimbal restraint options are provided. 

Series 1511IS-1512IS Hyflex Inline Seismic Universal Expansion Joints for seismic, settlement, and multi axis motions in a compact footprint that does not require a 90-degree change in direction. 

Series 1511PBH/G-1512PBH/G Hyflex Inline Pressure Balanced Universal Hinge or Gimbal Expansion Joint for significant axial and lateral motions for seismic, settlement, and multi axis motions in a compact footprint not requiring a 90-degree change in direction. These patented designs include pressure balancing to remove pressure thrust, provide minimum forces to structures, and allow for intermediate anchors and minimal quantity of alignment guides. 

Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Expansion Joints

Series 1507FCC-1512FCC Hyflex FCC refractory lined single and universal bellows expansion joints engineered to customer specifications and requirements for the application. 

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