Hyspan Barco Flexible Strut Joints and Vibrasnubs

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System Technology





2-240 in. / 50-6000 mm


≤150 & 300 PSI / 10 & 20 Bar


16+ in. / 400+ mm


3500 Ext Pres Laminated

Canadian Registration


This product is registered throughout Canada under
CRN 0D9278.59870YTNADD3

Series 3500 Products
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Product Description

When used in tandem, Hyspan Barco “Ball Type” Flexible Strut Joints provide a rigid structural support capable of resisting high tensile and compressive loads while allowing lateral, angular and rotation movement. The precision ball and socket construction provides a maintenance free rigid connection to brace piping, pressure vessels, boilers, tanks and other process equipment.

Technology & Advantages

Strut Joints combined with Hyspan Barco Vibrasnub hydraulic vibration snubbers form an assembly that absorbs tensile and compressive shock and vibration loads while allowing gradual movements such a thermal growth. Unlike comparable products, Vibrasnub vibration snubbers are totally self-contained with no external tubing or components providing a low maintenance compact design.

Catalog 3000B includes complete design information for flexible strut joints and Vibrasnubs including force, amplitude charts.

Vibrasnub/Strut Joint Assembly

Common Applications

Design Data

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Linear thermal expansion of pipe or tube per 100 feet between 70°F & tabulated temperature

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