Anaconda Vibration Eliminator

Anaconda Vibration Eliminator

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Anaconda Metal Bellows




1/2 – 3 in. / 12-75 mm


150 PSI / 10  Bar

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This product is registered throughout Canada under
CRN 0D9278.59870YTNADD3

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Product Description

Anaconda Metal Hose was a major manufacturer of metal expansion joints, metal bellows and assemblies, and strip wound and corrugated metal hose. The company was renamed Anamet Industrial Inc., and in 2000 Anamet Industrial Inc. was purchased by Hyspan. Hyspan continues to manufacture the Anaconda products to replace existing installations or for service parts.

The Anaconda Expansion Joints are displayed on this page. The Anaconda industrial metal hose and Vibration Eliminators are manufactured by our subsidiary, Universal Metal Hose. Anaconda defense and original equipment products are produced by Hyspan. Refer to Original Equipment & Defense Bellows & Hose Assemblies.

Technology & Advantages

Common Applications

Component spacing is extremely important. Expansion Joints should be near anchors… alignment guide #1 near Expansion Joints…relationship of guide #2 to guide #1 and positioning of additional guides along pipe should be shown in diagrams.

Single Expansion Joint

The anchor at the left (Figure B) is a directional main anchor which absorbs the main load in the direction of the Expansion Joint axis and permits the growth of the short piping leg to act upon the Expansion Joint as lateral deflection. Because the main anchor loading exists only in the piping segment containing the Expansion Joint, the anchor at the end of the shorter piping leg is an intermediate anchor.

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The Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint

The Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint (Figure F) is used most frequently in applications similar to those shown for the Single Expansion Joint, but where pressure thrust loading upon piping or equipment is considered excessive or objectionable.

The pressure balanced bellows creates an equal and opposite force to the working bellows. The usual arrangement is to have a balance and a flow side or working bellows, separated by an elbowed mid-section.

The bellows elements are connected by tie rods which allow them to balance pressure thrust forces. When pressure is applied, both bellows react simultaneously and the tie rods absorb the thrust forces, thus keeping loads off mating equipment. Movements X,Y and Z imposed on the Pressure Balance Unit are usually references to the applicable working points, by a 3-dimensional coordinates system. Related forces and movements are determined from this information.

Because of the design, the Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint eliminates pressure thrust loads on mating equipment and simplifies critical piping arrangements.

Design Data

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Ordering Information

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